Bob & Patti Howes

Finding and investing with Paramount has been the best thing that has happened to us financially. Paramount has literally saved our retirement and with our interest earning has allowed us to continue following our retirement dreams. We have been investing with Paramount for nearly four years now and my trust and confidence in Paramount has continually grown stronger and stronger. Thanks you so very much Paramount!

– Bob & Patti Howes – 4 years Invested in Paramount’s Mortgage Investment Portfolio

Helmut Ammon – “a life changing experience for the better”

I’ve been invested in Paramount’s Mortgage Portfolio for 9 years and in all this time I experienced nothing but professionalism, honesty and integrity. I invested my life savings with Marc Ruttenberg and his company and I never had the need to regret it. As a matter of fact it was a life changing experience for the better. Thank you Marc I am forever grateful.

– Helmut Ammon – 9 years Invested in Paramount’s Mortgage Investment Portfolio

Steve & Colleen Peroff

After thirty years of investing our RRSPs with various Financial Advisors, we were one of the fortunate ones that at least came out with our principal at the end. Though there were times we did see some increases, there was a time our principal was down 30%.

Throughout the years we followed the advice of our planners and left the investing to their expertise while we focused on making our living. We also bought into their mantra of long term, long term.

Now in our mid-fifties and realizing that the “long term” was up, we knew we had to look for a better way if we were ever going to be able to rely on our RRSPs for retirement.

And this is where Paramount Equity Investments came in. We were introduced by a colleague of ours who had experienced the same situation and the actual realization upon retirement that their RRSPs would not allow them the retirement they had hoped for.

After a year of investing in mortgages with Paramount, he was very happy with the results and could confidently recommend this investment opportunity. We now, after a year of investing in 2nd mortgages, are also very happy with the 12% return we saw on our monies and the growth we have made within our portfolio. And can also confidently recommend Paramount Equity Investments to our friends, family and colleagues.

Paramount administration is seamless from start to finish. They take care of the management of the mortgage investment while keeping their Investors informed of the important details.

Marc and his staff are always available to answer your questions and concerns. The best part is seeing the growth every month in our portfolio and knowing that these monies can only compound and not decrease.

And the best of all, for the first time, we are actually seeing our RRSPs doing what we were told they should have been doing all along and we too can see that our RRSPs will be there for us in our retirement.”

– Steve & Colleen Peroff – 3 years Invested in Paramount’s Mortgage Investment Portfolio

Janina Pipka

I am very pleased that my investments are now returning a stable 12%. Even better the 12% ROI will allow me to retire earlier then what I had originally planned, and this IS GREAT!!!

Forget this ‘Freedom 55′ which never was true, it should have been ‘Freedom Paramount’.

Knowing that I will have a steady income flow takes all the pressure off my retirement. I wish I had invested earlier. Thank you Paramount!

– Janina Pipka - 3 years Invested in Paramount’s Mortgage Investment Portfolio