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Paramount Equity Financial Corporation offers some of the most flexible lending products available to help you close your tough deals. We are not matrix lenders with rigid, inflexible lending criteria. Our team of experienced underwriters review and assess each and every application on its own merits. Your success is our success. Sign up here and you’ll receive updates on our lending criteria by email, to keep you at the forefront of flexible private lending for your clients. Stop missing out on the lucrative fees you could be earning.

Rosa Shirani

T: 905-201-2282 Ext. 431

mortgage brokers

Our private mortgages can help you:

• Stop losing good deals
• Get paid to help your clients achieve their dreams
• Get your tough deals funded and closed quickly and easily
• Earn incredible private mortgage brokerage fees
• Stop co-brokering and splitting your income
• Receive great testimonials and referrals from satisfied clients

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