Paramount Equity Financial Corporation is a National Real Estate Investment Firm and Mortgage Administrator, specializing in 1st & 2nd position mortgage investments secured against Canadian real estate. We have been providing risk analysis, mortgage origination, underwriting, adjudication, property management and a complete array of mortgage services, to investors and financial institutions throughout Canada since 2006.

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Bob & Patti Howes

Finding and investing with Paramount has been the best thing that has happened to us financially.... read more

– Bob & Patti Howes – 4 years Invested in Paramount’s Mortgage Investment Portfolio

Helmut Ammon – “a life changing experience for the better”

I can honestly say that I have had nothing but good things to say and have had no problems with investing with Paramount.... read more

– Helmut Ammon – 9 years Invested in Paramount’s Mortgage Investment Portfolio

Steve & Colleen Peroff

After thirty years of investing our RRSPs with various Financial Advisors, we were one of the fortunate ones that at least came out.... read more

– Steve & Colleen Peroff – 3 years Invested in Paramount’s Mortgage Investment Portfolio
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Loan Servicing Solutions

At Paramount Equity Financial Corporation, placing your investment is just the beginning. We provide complete, licensed, start-to-finish Administration Services at no charge to our Investors. From routine payment collection to default resolution, and everything in between, we handle all the details seamlessly and promptly.


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Preservation of Capital

It remains the cornerstone of our management philosophy. We do not compromise capital preservation for returns.

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Market Research

Market volatility creates risk for investors; the type of risk that only in-depth, thorough market research can detect. Experience in knowing how to apply the findings of our research to our lending decisions is also critical in keeping investors’ funds safe.
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